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Fountain Wind Project Refinements Overview Brochure


Fountain Wind Project Refinements Video (October, 2021)

After receiving valuable feedback, ConnectGen updated and improved the Fountain Wind Project to be an even better fit for the community.

Why the Fountain Wind Project is Good for Shasta County

Hear from members of the Shasta County community about the benefits of the Fountain Wind Project.

Economic Boon for Shasta County

Harvesting the Wind to Power an Economic Boon for Shasta County.

Fountain Wind KCNR 1460 Interview

On Thursday April 22, 2021, ConnectGen participated in an interview with Carl Bott and Trish Clark on Free Fire Radio, KCNR 1460 AM, in Redding, CA and answered questions about the Fountain Wind Project. Click play to listen to the interview.


Virtual Public Information Session

In November and December of 2020, ConnectGen hosted a series of online webinars for residents of Shasta County to view a presentation about the Fountain Wind project and ask questions to project team members. View a webinar presentation from December, 2020.

Virtual Vendor Faire

In July of 2020, ConnectGen hosted a virtual vendor faire for local community members and answered questions about the Fountain Wind Project. View the local vendor faire video presentation.

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