Substantially Reduced Impact & Visibility

We received valuable feedback on the Fountain Wind Project. We listened, then updated and improved the Fountain Wind Project to be an even better fit for the community.

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We reduced the number of turbines from 72 to 48 and the overall footprint of the project by more than 33% and decreased the height of the turbines by 10%.

We have also enhanced our community benefits plan by providing $2.8 million for the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department, Montgomery Creek and Round Mountain Advisory Committee, Shasta County Fire Safe Council and the Fall River and Western Shasta Resource Conservation Districts. 

These benefits are in addition to the $50+ million over 30 years in tax revenue to be used for public services, and significant improvements to overall fire safety at the project site and throughout the county.

Learn more about these revisions below or by watching our video.

Substantially Reduced Impact & Visibility

We reduced total turbines from 72 to 48, with fewer roads, stream crossings and impacts to habitat and wildlife.

Reduced the Number of Turbines

In addition to lowering the number of turbines, we decreased the height of each turbine by 10%.

A Smaller Project, with More Community Benefits

Community Contributions
  • $1 MILLION to Shasta County Sheriff’s Department to address high-priority public safety needs.
  • $1 MILLION donation for community investments to be determined and earmarked by an Advisory Committee of residents and community leaders of Montgomery Creek and Round Mountain.
  • $200,000 donation to Shasta Beam to expand internet access to the communities of Round Mountain, Montgomery Creek and Big Bend.
  • $100,000 commitment to the Shasta County Fire Safe Council and the Western Shasta Resource Conservation District for revision of the Shasta County Community Wildfire Protection Plan.
  • $250,000 funding for Big Bend & Highway 299 Fuel Break Project.

A Clean, Low-cost, Low-impact Energy Source

On land leased from single private landowner

Minimize Sound & Visual Impacts

Sited carefully to minimize visual impacts and designed to meet noise standards.

Private Land, Private Use

Located 100% on private land and allows the landowner the right to maximize the beneficial use of their property

Clean Energy Source

Reduces carbon emissions and helps fight climate change.

Guaranteed Decommissioning

From day one, bonds will guarantee removal of all turbines at the end of the project life, and restoration of natural area.

Cost Effective

Wind energy is one of the cheapest ways to produce electricity. It is drastically less expensive than nuclear, and even less than natural gas. And we can do all this with zero emissions and much fewer environmental impacts.

Cost Per Megawatt Hour

(New Generation)

Significant New Long-term Revenue for the County

The project will create 200 construction jobs and 12 full-time jobs, while generating $50 million in new property tax revenue over 30 years and $9 million in new sales tax revenues, $3.5 million of which will go to Shasta County, in the first two years.

These new tax revenues can close budget gaps, maintain and expand police and fire protection, while improving roads and schools.

200 Construction Jobs

$50 Million in Tax Revenue

$3.5 Million in Sales Tax

Expanding Fire Prevention in Shasta County

Fountain Wind will have significant fire safety systems in place at the project site, and greatly enhance the overall fire protection of the surrounding area.

  • Significant new fire breaks within and outside the project area and more than 1,600 acres of new shaded fuel breaks
  • 100 acres of new cleared areas around the turbines with advanced fire detection and suppression systems installed within the turbines themselves
  • $250,000 funding for Big Bend & Highway 299 Fuel Break Project
  • 38 miles of improved access roads means better access for emergency response crews
  • Installation of several new 5,000-gallon fire suppression storage tanks at strategic locations around the project

Combats Climate Change & Protects Shasta’s Beauty

Shasta residents have witnessed first-hand the devastating impacts of climate change, including wildfires and droughts.

The county can take concrete steps to support zero-emission energy production, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and ultimately address the root cause of the area’s changing climate.

Protects Water Resources

Preserves water flow and avoids impacts on water quality and erosion. Minimizes creation of new access roads and stream crossings. Maintains natural surface drainage patterns to the extent practicable.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Turbines and access roads are sited to minimize the need for significant grading and preserve natural land contours. Any recontouring will be restored to preconstruction conditions.


Designed to meet all county noise standards. Millions of people around the world live and work near more than 340,026 operating wind turbines without any health or safety effects.


ConnectGen is responsible for the removal of the project at the end of the project’s life. Financial securities will guarantee responsible decommissioning and restoration

Every Shasta County Resident Will Benefit

Shasta County will greatly benefit from the $3.5 MILLION in sales tax revenue during construction, and $50 MILLION in property tax revenue over 30 years that can provide critical support to public safety services like police and fire.

Community Benefits

ConnectGen has also committed to provide $2.8 million for the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department, Montgomery Creek and Round Mountain Advisory Committee, Shasta County Fire Safe Council and the Fall River and Western Shasta Resource Conservation Districts.

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