Fountain Wind Project

ConnectGen is developing a wind farm in northeastern Shasta County, near the existing Hatchet Ridge wind farm, that has the potential to power more than 86,000 homes in the state of California.

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Asset Protection and Wildfire Safety Plan

The Fountain Wind Project site is located on private lands owned by Shasta Cascade Timberlands (SCT). Click below to download the SCT Asset Protection & Wildfire Plan – Summary Overview and learn about the industry best practices SCT currently utilizes to reduce fire risk and how SCT’s management activities contribute to regional forest protection and fire safety in partnership with other local landowners and government agencies.

Fountain Wind’s own Safety Plans will be complementary to SCT’s, and will be developed in consultation with CAL FIRE and Shasta County. With added access road and turbine site fire breaks, and a full time presence on site, Fountain Wind and SCT will collaborate to enhance local fire safety and protection.

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Fountain Wind - An Economic Boon for Shasta County

The Fountain Wind Farm will provide benefits to the community and Shasta County through:

$50 million

in tax revenue to Shasta County over 30 years

$1 million

in community giving

Sales Tax Revenue

$3.5 million in local sales tax revenues, funded to the immediate community

12 full-time Jobs

during project operations

200 construction Jobs

during peak

Why Wind Energy in Shasta County

ConnectGen has identified Shasta County for wind energy development because of its proximity to the existing transmission system, strong wind resource, favorable site suitability with limited design constraints, and California’s leadership in using a wide range of renewable energy resources to meet its clean energy goals, combat climate change, and promote sustainable energy use.

Compatible with Forestry Management​

The host landowner for the Fountain Wind Project is an industry leader in sustainable forestry management practices. Approximately 99.7 percent of the project area is zoned as timber production.

Wind energy facilities are permitted in timber production zones and use the land compatibly, helping to sustain the timber industry with additional streams of revenue.

Careful Fire Prevention

A Fire Prevention Plan will be created and implemented for the life of the Fountain Wind Project. It will provide for emergency response, evacuation, fire agency notification, and enhanced fire prevention in the project area.

The Fountain Wind Project will establish increased fire breaks on site and a new extensive network of access roads will support improved fire prevention and protection.

About ConnectGen

ConnectGen is a renewable energy company focused on developing best-in-class wind, solar, and energy storage projects that will increase America’s supply of low-cost, domestically produced clean energy.

ConnectGen’s experienced development team has a track record of successfully identifying, developing, and constructing renewable energy projects. Our previous project successes have been built on a foundation of strong relationships with the landowners and communities hosting the projects. We are committed to working with landowners, neighbors, and all project stakeholders to safely and responsibly design and build projects that bring long-term benefits to the communities.

Connecting Power, Projects & People