ConnectGen’s core values include community engagement and community investment. Listening to the community and helping with local needs is how we establish strong bonds with our host communities and neighbors. ConnectGen has spent the past two years listening to the community and is pleased to share the Fountain Wind Community Benefit Program. This program supports needs identified by the communities of Round Mountain, Montgomery Creek, and Big Bend, and all of Shasta County. The Fountain Wind Project Community Benefit Program consists of approximately $3,000,000 in funding to local programs supporting education, public safety, fire protection, and workforce development. The local projects and organizations highlighted below were identified based on direct feedback from members of the community. ConnectGen is proud to support Shasta County through the following programs.

The Fountain Wind Project will Provide Long-term Benefits to Shasta County and the Local Community

$50 million in property tax revenue over 30 years

Up to 10 full-time jobs during project operations

$3.5 million in sales tax revenue during construction

$1 million investment in the Round Mountain and Montgomery Creek communities 

Enhanced internet service in the Intermountain region 

Enhanced fire protection via local fuel reduction projects

$100,000 to the Western Shasta Resource Conservation District and Shasta County Fire Safe Council

$1 million for the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office

Community access to Shasta Cascade Timberlands Property

Stay tuned for more information coming soon about these exciting efforts!

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