As part of the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that was prepared for the Fountain Wind Project, visual simulations were developed to provide a photographic representation of what the project may look like.

Visual simulations were developed for several Key Observation Points (KOPs) in and around the project area and were performed for all 72 proposed turbine sites with the largest turbine configuration considered in the draft EIR, a 5.7 MW turbine with hub heights of 125 meters and rotor diameters of 162 meters. While ConnectGen has not yet selected a turbine model for the Fountain Wind Project, if a 5.7 MW turbine is eventually used, only 38 would be required to be installed to achieve the project’s generating capacity goal of 216 MW.

The photos used for the simulations were captured between December of 2018 and April of 2019. See below for before and after pictures from four KOPs including; Redding, downtown Burney, the Round Mountain Post Office, and the Fountain Fire Overlook on Moose Camp Road. See Section 3.2 – Aesthetics of the draft EIR for more simulations and analysis.

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