Pollution-free wind power pumps billions of dollars into the country’s economy every year, particularly in rural areas where wind farms are located. The Fountain Wind Project will bring a long-term economic boost to Shasta County by creating new family-wage jobs and providing additional long-term tax revenue in excess of $50 million over the next few decades. In addition, the project will provide more than $3.5 million in local sales tax revenues directed to the immediate community, while generating hundreds of jobs during construction. The Fountain wind project also protects our most precious natural resources; water, land and of course our trees by promoting sustainable best forestry practices while bringing enhanced fire safety protection measures to our community.

Please join the growing number of people who support this project by signing a petition that will be submitted to key decision makers involved in the approval of the Fountain Wind Project. Signing the petition is simple and quick! Just enter your information below to show that you are in support of the economic and environmental benefits that the Fountain Wind Project will provide to Shasta County.

Re: Support for the Fountain Wind Project

Dear Shasta County Board of Supervisors,

I am writing today to express my support for the Fountain Wind Project currently under development in northeastern Shasta County. The Fountain Wind Project will provide many local benefits, including enhanced sustainable forestry practices, while increasing fire safety measures and producing new tax revenues throughout the life of the project, totaling $50 million. The increased tax revenues provided by the Fountain Wind Project will not only greatly help taxpayers and our county address the increasing tax burden, they can be used to fund local infrastructure and other vital public services, benefitting all residents.

Further, the Fountain Wind Project will support hundreds of family-wage construction jobs to construct the project and up to 12 permanent jobs to operate and maintain the wind project day to day. These are jobs that can help retain young people in Shasta County and the surrounding area by offering them a broader range of well-paying employment opportunities. We have many local businesses in the area who could also benefit from a project like the Fountain Wind Project, as there will be many needs for local equipment and services throughout construction and project operations. We need to look forward, not backwards, and support this rare opportunity that will help our community thrive today and for future generations.



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