Fountain Wind will enhance fire prevention and protection in Shasta County with over 600 acres of new shaded fuel breaks, 38 miles of improved access roads in remote private timberlands, and the installation of new helicopter dip tanks on the periphery of the project area.

The Fountain Wind Project site is located on private lands owned by Shasta Cascade Timberlands (SCT), an industry leader in sustainable forestry management practices. SCT utilizes industry best practices to reduce fire risk.

ConnectGen will create a Fountain Wind Fire Safety Plan in consultation with CAL FIREto complement SCT’s Asset Protection and Wildfire Safety Plan. The Fountain Wind Fire Safety Plan will be implemented for the life of the project and will provide for emergency response, evacuation, fire agency notification, and enhanced fire prevention in the project area. As part of the plan, ConnectGen will establish increased fire breaks on site and will design a new extensive network of access roads to support improved fire prevention and protection. With the added access road and turbine site fire breaks, and a full-time presence on site, ConnectGen and SCT will collaborate to enhance local fire safety and protection.

In support of the Fountain Wind Project and the benefits it will bring to Shasta County?

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